Green Marketing Leverages Social Networking on MySpace

Social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster and Facebook have become enormously popular, with membership topping 200 million today.  Such sites allow users to create personal profiles and interact with others by sharing content and communicating through IM and chat.  Users … Continue reading


Green Content Syndication: Part I – “Deconstructing” Websites

Traditionally, publishers have viewed websites as content destinations, challenging marketers to drive traffic to specific websites in order to engage consumers with relevant content.    Today, the model has changed.  Increasingly, publishers are uncoupling online content from its host site; marketers … Continue reading

Aggregating Green Audiences

Online advertisers are increasingly interested in targeting audiences with green affinities and publishers are aggregating traffic in order to provide compelling ways to do so.  August has seen a fury of acquisitions as publishers move to aggregate existing green traffic … Continue reading

Measuring Green Blogging Influence

Bloggers are emerging as key influencers online.  Today, many blogging sites effectively compete with traditional news sources for breaking stories and eyeballs.  Moreover, many consumers trust bloggers more that established news organizations simply because they are unaffiliated.  Green bloggers are … Continue reading

Engaging Green Consumers through Consumer Generated Content

Part I of an Interview with Bruce Ertmann, Corporate Manager of Consumer Generated Media, Toyota  Most companies find themselves today grappling with how to manage consumer generated content (CGC).  On the one hand, by facilitating CGC creation, companies provide an … Continue reading

Green Marketers Need to Target Consumers Where They Spend Their Time: Online

The Internet has emerged as a primary channel for marketers seeking to reach and influence consumers.  For decades, TV has been the standard bearer against which all other channels have been compared as consumers spent more time watching TV than … Continue reading

Consumer Generated Media as Driver of Green Marketing

An interview with Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen BuzzMetrics    The creation and distribution of consumer-generated media (CGM) online is rapidly changing the marketing landscape.  Consumers are actively participating online, providing opinions, perspective and feedback on the products and brands they … Continue reading