Driving Engagement and Viral Impact in the Green Space: Part II – Original Content

While creating and sharing user-generated content is an effective way to facilitate consumer engagement and viral marketing, it is not the only approach that marketers can take.  Professionally produced original content is another proven way.  Increasingly, agencies or production studios create and seed content on behalf of their clients for consumers to view and share online.


One such shop is Free Range Studios which has produced several original videos that have generated significant buzz and viral impact in the green space.  Calling its approach “socially conscious viral entertainment”, Free Range tries to “distill a complicated message into a fun or moving short story” while engaging its viewers by allowing them “to write the end of that story by taking action or donating.”  Stories are distributed not only through paid advertisement but via video sharing sites such as You Tube and, more specifically, RiverWired, emPivot and LivePaths in the green space.  They are also distributed offline at concerts and events.


Recent Free Range videos with eco-themes including Grocery Store Wars, a Star Wars spoof about a “small band of organic vegetable puppets” including Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli and Obi Wan Cannoli that do battle against Darth Tader and the Dark Side of the Farm.  


Most recently, Free Range released The Story of Stuff, a 20-minute video that explains the environmental impact regarding the “stuff” we consume.  The video has been a huge hit, recording more than 3 million viewers on The Story of Stuff microsite alone. Moreover, the video has received acclaim by winning the SXSW Interactive Award for its contribution as an educational resource.


Marketers should recognize that there are certain trade-offs made in producing their own original content themselves versus encouraging users to generate it for them.  For example, with original content, upfront costs are likely to be significant higher.  Yet, for getting a complex message across to consumers, original content may be a marketer’s best option to hit a home run.

6 thoughts on “Driving Engagement and Viral Impact in the Green Space: Part II – Original Content

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  2. While talking about GREEN Marketing. I think it is easier said than done. Few corporate players have accepted that they need to be environmentally concerned and have implemented few things in their processes for making the earth a greener earth.

    The challenge is little bigger and we need to understand why do we need to make the earth a GREEN Earth which is green.

    By the word development we are talking about how much more material can be created and how much more damage we have done to our mother earth.
    We first want to hit and then heal the wound. Is this making things green.

    I think technological development like digital communication by meand of emails and SMS etc are one of the creative ways of greening along with the development as the damage is miniscal. (consumption of electrical energy)

    I am consumer on this earth and believe that GOD has made things for us to consume , but the question is how much ? There is no end consumption . When we talk of automobile consumer love to have more than one four wheeler which not desirable, people own many such things which may or may not be desired if we talk about going green.

    I would like to add a small example from India . There are few states where sale of alcohol is banned. Few states feel that even if it is banned the consumers will find their own means to satisfy their want. The other fact is that it is a source of revenue to the state. But one state which has decided to go Alcohol free has seen the benefits in term family spending more time together rather than male spending his time in a bar.
    There is a huge market and revenue opportunity for this state but as a social cause the decision is welcome decision by members of the state.

    Similarly corporate need to decide to the extent they are going to damage the earth…

    More to be added………

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