Marketing Green is intended to be an exploration into one of the most vexing business and societal challenges today, namely, how to successfully market “green” products or services to consumers, and drive their mass market consumption. My objective is to inspire innovative thinking through dialogue and debate. Perhaps over time, we can together develop a practitioner’s guide that others can draw upon to design new products, shape consumer attitudes and preferences and inspire the purchase of everything green.At first glance, marketing green products may not seem that difficult. For example, with oil prices soaring, hybrids practically sell themselves these days. Yet, for most products, major barriers exist and adoption has succeeded only in niche markets.

Consumers purchase green goods for the rational benefits they provide, as well as the emotional responses that they evoke – similar to all other products. Yet, green products also generate a societal benefit – typically one that lessens, prevents or even reverses environmental impact. While consumers may indeed derive satisfaction from purchases that have an altruistic bent, most are less willing to do so when initial costs are higher or product designs are compromised. Marketers are challenged with overcoming these barriers, articulating compelling rational and emotional reasons for purchasing green.

Let’s begin the dialogue.


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